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Thursday, 8 November 2007

I am about to read Plato in great depth. I feel ready to do this, with my interest in philosophy, and this particularly heralded to the Greeks, being greatly heightened in the last year. I was first drawn to the works of the former student of Socrates and teacher of *Aristotle, when I developed a deep affinity for the novels of the late British novelist, **Dame Iris Murdoch, some years ago. She was a lover of ancient Greece's celebrated thinkers and peppered her many plots with classical theories.
Reading Plato has stayed a lifelong desire but I never had the time or acumen for it as I finally do now.
*Interestingly, Aristotle was a teacher to Alexander the Great.
**Also strangely, I never realised until now that Iris Murdoch was born in Dublin.

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