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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A Forgotten English Favourite

Henry Williamson - this was an author - a country gentleman who lived his heart out for some splendid nature tales in England where pain and hope that blended subtly into rural adventure, were often seen in interesting characterization and startling conclusions.

One of his more famous works turned out to be Tarka the Otter and incidentally, he died on the day, the death of Tarka was being filmed as a drama-documentary. All his tales were gentle but dramatic, tender in its influences but powerful in its retrospection, long after you had closed the pages.

This with the exception that Williamson created his underlying recipe - a mix of tragedy and social injustices, measured with a painful relation to the poor and working class.

Their subdued and anxious souls - especially with regards to financial woes or tumultuous forbidden emotions; often rested against the unsuspecting deeper shadows of farmlands bearing enchanted woods and soothing brooks.

Williamson offered deep insights of rural hinterlands that were intimate, colourful, innocent and dreamy

It was a splendid concoction that he adopted as creative techniques for his story-writing. He specialised in both the short story & novel. I daresay too, that Williamson's work would have been a hit with gentlemen farmers and their families at the time.

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