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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

I spent the whole day re-living my glorious new adventure on books. My personal odyssey has not stopped since I returned to London and Dublin, a month ago after a long dry spell in Asia.
I'm reading once more like the old days and the only concern I have is in containing myself. Back then I would rarely be seen without a book in my hand, in an overly-large pocket or in my handbag. I could devour a slimmer version at super-speed and be ready for more. Looks like I haven't yet lost the old touch. I had a lovely time exploring downtown Dublin today. I must talk about this in greater length.
Not possible today as I am about to rush out again this evening.
What I wanted to describe were the numerous colourful cafes that abound and of how many bookshops appear to boast their own complimentary cafes. Rven the humbler Christian stores, hide neat little eating-places tucked away downstairs where you could look over your purchases with a hot beverage, pastries and cake. Eason's treats you to an upstairs cafe and there's also a tiny one on the lower ground floor which sellls a variety of cafes and muffins. This popular floor displays the childrens' titles, plays, poetry, psychology and philosophy with about as much variety as a Garden of Eden. :-)
I picked up one of my all-time favourite authors, Edna O'Brien's The Light of Evening and am already onto page 63. Remembering earlier reads, I sigh as she brings the lovely stretch of past back. Published last year, this novel which talks about a painful yet poignant relationship between an Irish mother and daughter, is now being released in paperback. It also continues to mirror O'Brien's distinct talent.
I have long had a penchant for women's weekly magazines with their fiction specials. These days, they are seldom to be found in South-East Asia and even if shipped along, cost a small fortune. Here they're sold for a steal just under 1 euro or if it's especially thick and glossy, for under 2 euros.
Surely, it is the time to indulge and have fun.

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