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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Just Me....

The sun shines brightly in Dublin this morning. Unusual for a November winter.
Although it's a brilliant day, I will not go out to play.
It's been a long while since picking up the pieces of my writing craft and restoring my enthusiasm to what it once was.
I'm glad to say that this jigsaw puzzle is almost complete.

At least, my reading interests are progressing happily. My one drawback is that my taste in literature has widened in recent years and so, I actually feel bereft without some kind of a guide to lure me on to specific works and to measure my depth in understanding and appreciation of the classics. To sort out the problem, I may enrol for a course or go to classes.
Caption Insert: My editor, Desmond Swords.
Today, I am compiling work for my poetry. It takes a long time, is tedious and solitary. I had not realised the fair amount of material I had churned out in the last year but am now grateful that I did.
My editor is Desmond Swords an Irish poet, who is working with me to help me get my writing back on track. He reviews my work, will edit and teach me to shape it all to a more definite depth and style, before it is ready for a collection. He is strict and industrious about an art, over which he himself has laboured for 6 years and loves furiously. In this respect, I make particular reference to the ancient Irish bards.
Reminds me of another brilliant Singaporean editor I once had, called James Siow, who helped me with magazine journalism. They're made of the same mettle, they are. :-)


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