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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Popular author Amulya Malladi Shares a Festive Mood

December 17, 2008

As told to Suzan Abrams

Popular bestselling novelist, *
Amulya Malladi, probably best known for her highly popular tale of diarrayed cultures, spicy gossip and a clandestine approach to romance all wound around the sizzling subject of fruit in The Mango Season, reopens her blog - famous for its frank take on social, cultural and equally controversial situations in Copenhagen - after a long spell of having closed it down.


Malladi who is currently working on a new title for a sixth novel, sees herself as "ready to talk about it in the next few months."

Meanwhile, her exploratory journey as a writer, probably best lies in the element of surprise. "I think in terms of telling a story or answering a question especially...I'm never quite sure and never quite know what that will be.

"Every story is a surprise to me and thank god for that because it would be so boring to write something that was not a surprise, something I knew well and was sure about."

On Christmas 2008

"We don't do that many Christmas markets in Denmark. There is one at Tivoli, the amusement park but we don't go religiously. I did got to some fabulous Christmas markets in Vienna last year. That was amazing.

"We have always had a Danish Christmas, even when we lived in the States. I'm Hindu and new to Christmas so I get pretty excited about the tree and the decorations and the toys. We will celebrate Christmas at my in-laws' place this year. It is going to be a difficult Christmas. My mother-in-law passed away this summer and we're not quite looking forward to all these firsts without her.

"I love the lights and the cheer of the season. I always feel that it starts to smell like cookies as we get closer to Christmas. I love to go shopping, pick presents, drink glogg, eat ableskiver...and in general cosy up."

*Amulya Malladi was born and raised in India before leaving to reside in America for several years. She later moved to Copenhagen, Denmark with her Danish husband and two young sons.

Her five books, including The Sound of Language which has its setting in Denmark and was released last December, have all sold incredibly well, especially in the States.

Please note that The Sound of Language will be released in the Danish language in May, 2009.

Credit: Photograph of Amulya Malladi shot by Soren Rasmussen and is author's own.