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Friday, 12 December 2008

Persian: Mahmud Falaki's poetry published in German

December 13, 2008
by Suzan Abrams
The Republic of Iran's treasure trove of engaging classical literature, well-honed for a global digital age, continues to spread its wings worldwide, if you will pardon the cliche.

The 57-year old German-based Iranian scholar, Mahmud Falaki, has had his poetry collection titled A Voice from Faraway and Cliffs, recently published by Sujet Verlang Publications and this in turn, distributed to German bookshops.
The collection is made up of four chapters holding short sonnets as well as longer poems. Each self-contained chapter features its own theme. Some poems were composed in Persian and translated by Falaki himself into German and the rest, the poet would straightaway compose in German.

Swedes can also expect a German language novel written by Falaki called Another Death of Karola. The plot tells of a tender love story between an Iranian immigrant and a German woman.

About Mahmud Falaki:
Falaki who has published 20 books featuring novels, poetry and literary criticism in Persian and German, obtained a degree in German Literature from the University of Hamburg. He has continued to reside in Hamburg since 1986. Some of Falaki's works include short story collections, The Long Street & Homesick Tales, the novel, Shadows and poetry collections, The Dark Words, Wandering in Dreams and The Last Poetry Collection. His books on literary criticism include Music in Iranian Blank Verse & A Glance at Shamlu Poetry. Some of these have been translated into English.

Credit: Information from MehrNews.com

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