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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Collecting Books for their Covers

December 6, 2008

by Suzan Abrams

Pictured are books from my personal collection.

My flair for collecting books that make for pleasing aesthetic
covers, has only just begun.

The furthest such a passion ever went in the past, probably lay in my stout and memorable admiration for rows of elegant book cover displays, so thoughtfully co-ordinated by the royally famous Hatchards Booksellers on Piccadilly's street, London. They also specialise in limited signed editions featuring varied literary fiction and I can't wait for my trip to Britain's capital city early next year just to taste the allure of being seduced by a few leather copies of my own.

At the moment, I can't envision where this new hobby will take me. It probably tucks its roots away in a sub-conscious context rather than my intellect.

For example, this evening, I also collected from Waterstones' Bookstore, the second version of Moroccan screenwriter and novelist, Abdelilah Hamdouchi's first translated crime thriller in the world called The Final Bet, for which I had placed my order a fortnight ago. Up to now, I've already written a fair a bit about this riveting detective fiction and its good-looking writer, elsewhere on my blog.

The first hardback version with its jacket design in black-and-white was published by the University of America in Cairo Press in Egypt earlier this year. I paid 18.50 euros for the sleek arrangment of the zebra-type graphic composition. No doubt, I hold the abstract pattern which dominates the tightly-etched book as rather stunning.

I couldn't resist the second paperback version as well with its enigmatic lamplight on a shadowy pavement to create an atmospheric cover. This version published by Arabia Books, London cost me £7.99. A larger version reveals an interesting cobblestone path as well as uniquely-shaped cracks and crevices on the old architectural walls.

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