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Friday, 12 December 2008


December 13, 2008
by Suzan Abrams
I am in Singapore at the moment and will be in another distant country the week after next. I stopped in London for a bit and finally flew to the Lion City on Lufthansa via Frankfurt.
Strangely, I've had some bad jet lag this time round. It's been awhile and after all these years, I've observed wryly that jet lag still has the power to catch me unawares. This time it was very bad. I think too, no thanks to the hot humid weather.
I haven't been to the Far East in over a year. I find myself being drenched in sweat every five minutes and am constantly wiping my furrowed brows. Not so last year.
I must add that the temperatures in East Africa were low even for June. And Dublin has felt like winter almost all of 2008.
I've just battled a complete loss of appetite coupled with nausea. Hopefully, the worst is now over.
To think that after years of a worldwide jaunt, jet lag can still collar me with its tentacles when it so chooses.

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