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Friday, 28 March 2008

I took out yesterday's post. I think it was because I was born on the wrong side of Gemini.:-)
I do outgrow things very quickly. My life is hardly routine and I have lived in different places and lands for a long time. Because of this I feel that my interests evolve dramatically to make me a newer person every few months than I was the year or two before. My thoughts, perceptions and ideas are constantly changing.
Right now, it's Ireland. And I'll be returning to London for a spell and also taking a holiday in a different country sometime this spring. Then it's back to Ireland for a bit.
My focus is so totally on my writing and reading at this juncture.
I also love magazines in the way of the Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair and any number of literary reviews. My magic creaky bookshelf accomodates all. :-)
My somewhat and earlier apprehensive love for and interest in the opera and classical jazz, has been magnified.
I like the Arts and am also interested in cuisine.
In that way, I feel I've outgrown this blog which captures phases of my life that have already passed. I live in the moment and hardly look back to the past so I feel everytime I come here that this blog is obsolete.

What I'll do is keep on with my Wordpress Site with which to regularly post my fiction and poetry.
I'll also open a new blog to write on a deeper love for books, to tell you about any writing developments in my own life and also I think to capture my other interests of the present day.

I'll do this in a day or 2 and paste the links up here.

After that, this blog will be discontinued.

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