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Sunday, 23 March 2008


It's been a long holiday weekend and I've been up and about. Tomorrow's a bank holiday in Europe because of Easter today and last Monday was also a bank holiday in Ireland because of Saint Patrick's day. There's been so much celebration about the place that everything is only now just coming down to earth. I am just back after a couple of pints at The Palace Bar in Temple Bar where my partner and I were treated to some live traditional Irish music in addition to all the noisy banter. The mood was rather subdued as revellers recover from a leftover party trail...and they only have tomorrow. The next big holidays in Ireland are in May. Mother's Day (Mothering Sunday) was also celebrated early on in March, whereas Asia and Australia still look forward to it in May.
Most of the stores reopen tomorrow.
I've been working on some new fiction and poetry for my writing site (which I haven't yet opened) but which will probably be on Wordpress. I've also been trying to think of an appropriate title. It's quite exciting.
I sent a short collection of new poetry to a site that's free - it doesn't pay writers but publishes their work online, thoughtfully and with some pride but competition is so tough these days that even that's not easy. You have to wait to hear from an editor and maybe it will just be a no. Mine came back in the affirmative however but I'm required to post the manuscript by hard copy, sign under each single poem and also show a social id to prove that's it's really me, writing all that poetry. I find the whole episode fascinating as to how internet editors now protect themselves from fraud - and I think that's clever indeed -but anyhow, I'm glad that editor said yes. It's a promising start as it was my first submission out for new work. At the moment, my head is abuzz with a lot more writing I need to send out if I want to be back on the playing field. That means putting my nose to the grindstone all this week. :-)

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