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Thursday, 20 March 2008

I have been thinking of a new way to express myself through a blog where I am primarily the writer and no longer the blogger.

At one time, I was always writing professionally. Then I didn't write anything creatively - meaning poetry or plays for about six years.

Later, I opened a blog to experiment with my craft once more. I found that I could still write my stories and poetry in a new way. At that time, I was very interested in blogging as an art form and thought it was a great way to make friends. But really, there were cliques and groups...and you had to conform or be prepared to stay on the outside of things. It is possible if you're not careful, to wander into the hateful malice of strangers like a lamb to the slaughter house.

On hindsight, that's really what happened especially with one or two of the bigger groups I got caught up in which turned out to be an unpleasant experience and it wasn't even worth the trouble because now when I look back, I think what a stupid fuss, considering I never believed in their ideals or cared for their smugness in the first place. Isn't life just too short? In fact, I don't find them of any importance to talk about with the exception that unfortunate online episodes still form valuable lessons.

After awhile, the whole blogging aspect left me wary. I also found that if you wanted a full comment box than you had to keep visiting others...it was a necessary obligation in many cases - not all - to have them visit you...at the end, you just couldn't be sure of the sincerity of some comments either because if you missed a visit or two, then they just wouldn't come. They wouldn't bother to read you.

I did make some very good friends at the same time meaning that I could write to them on the email on personal issues. I'm comforted that they're still in the picture. Many I cared about did leave blogging after about a year or so because of family commitments or other circumstances. I do have some of their contacts, miss them deeply, send virtual greetings from time to time. These were faithful readers and I think of them often. Some simply vanished and while I stay saddened, have always been glad for those crossed destinies, their encouraging words and the friendliness of that time.

But basically, the desire to write took over sharply once I had returned to Europe from Malaysia and than I realised I was no longer a blogger but a writer spotting a familiar velocity. Fresh aspirations and inspirations did the trick.

Now that I engage in a brand-new lifestyle, am happier than I have been for years and can claim time out to read and write without difficulty, I realise that all I want to do is to write creatively and to be read. I reached a point where it didn't matter I thought if it came down to the crunch and I had just 2 or 3 faithful readers. That for me would be the worst case scenario and I decided that that was fine. I just preferred sincere readers who would bookmark me, look forward to my writings and read me as an art form.

I've decided that I will:

  • use 2 names in future to write literature in equal measure. My real name and also my pen-name.
  • open a site just to feature my fiction, poetry and other creative work. I stay excited by the e-book technology and believe that the idea of reading literature and writings in a digital format will move progressively towards the future. I want to be a part of this revolution and not stray from it. I haven't featured my work anywhere for a long time.
  • The work I use on a site will not be work that I send out to publishers or theatre groups. I will just write a varied amount of material separately for both online and trade.
  • I will open a website eventually. The fact that this hasn't yet happened is entirely my fault. I have been too lazy to send my manuscripts out anywhere. So my problem of procrastination will have to be painfully rectified if I want to move ahead as I have the tendency to appear spiritless with my publishing ambitions at the best of times.
  • I'd like to have a blog(probably this) just for literary news and thoughts, essays, book reviews or my associations with literature.
I don't know how I am going to manage it but these are things I feel compelled to write on nowadays.
I won't get rid of this blog because of the book reviews and interviews.
But now I plan to have a creative writing site of my own.
By the way, I do apologize for this self-indulgence but hopefully it explains my recent inconsistency with postings.

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