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Sunday, 16 March 2008

It's amazing that after being devoted to a blog and then being absent for a time, how difficult it actually is to come back and start over. My personality is such that my thoughts and perceptions change constantly with media news, films, books and art. Or situations and experiences with episodes that hinge on travel. The very spirit of individuality evolves and revolves and me with it. So it is often very hard to predict my own plans.
Anyhow, dicey or otherwise, I'm back.
I do feel that I have outgrown this blog however and that what I would really like to do is to have one blog which features the latest publishing news, interviews and book reviews and another that has my own journal as a reader and writer and also one that features my writings.
I'm not sure how to go about it really. At the moment, it's all a bit of a mish-mash over here.
We did go to see the U2 concerts shot in Buenos Aires as a 3D HD (three-dimensional high-definition film) at the Cineworld cinema on Parnell Street last night.
It was a wet rainy night and the Saturday crowd appeared subdued on Dublin streets in anticipation of the nearing St. Patrick Day festivities.
I've always been a fan of U2. One of my favourite numbers is New Year's Day for its electrifying guitarwork and I'm glad they performed this song at their concerts.
What a fantastic, ethereal effect U2 provided for us, not just with those 3D glasses that showed them to be a stone's throw away from the viewers but by the constant re-invention of their music acts that speak of a universal love and peace and which fascinated me as a writer.
I stayed spellbound, receiving lessons for my own craft as how with each creative aptitude applied to different songs and performances, U2 kept the allure of their music which may have dissolved into predictability, intriguing and fresh.
This proved an inspiration for me personally to keep unleashing my own imagination...to not question radical thoughts or contemporary fictional forms but to challenge the experiment of colour or flavour with each new piece of writing.
Afterwards, we walked along the glistening streets, crossing the lighted Liffey River into Temple Bar where I enjoyed the pubs and wines and tasted elation in a lighthearted girlish way. I've also started to write poetry rather seriously again.

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