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Saturday, 22 March 2008


My life is pretty cool these days...my biggest problem is probably trying to sit still and fit in a steadfast writing routine.
I also feel that there aren't enough hours but I can get through the day now on between 5 to 6 hours of sleep. For someone like me, there is still much to do and to accomplish.
As I have determined to come through obstacles and probably without realising it, chose the way of the spiritual; I've often probed deep and with painful candour into my inner self for what would form my present and future. I've not been disappointed. My soul unfolds...hesitates a little apprehensively and unfolds again.
Dublin is magic. :-)
But the present result is a great thirst for literary reads and non-fiction with a philosophical bend. I've also developed a strong interest in cooking, cuisine and my love for the opera is unfolding mercilessly. I have been reading opera magazines and listening to concerts to try and understand the subject a little more. I also have a growing interest and new appreciation for interiors using wood or homes which feature a new age theme. I plan to get out more to matinees and plays. At the moment, it's been the cinema.
I am thankful for the little things and then the big things come.
I am still trying to figure out my new fiction and poetry to showcase on a new blog and to write on deeper literary aptitudes. I will start on these things in a day or 2 and if I don't use this blog, then will definitely place the links of where I am, over here.

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