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Saturday, 1 December 2007

I survived my long flight. I'll reveal my destination shortly. I wonder if it's just my karma having switched for kinder days but I found the Irish and German immigration staff to be wonderfully kind and efficient. And I daresay more generous with their smiles. And always helpful at the screening machines.

That makes travel a little sweeter on the senses.

I want to write more but I have to rush off somewhere. I'd say for the moment that if you're ever at Frankfurt airport on a transit to somewhere else, do pick up your reading literature, crossword puzzle books and similiar items elsewhere. There's just one small newsagent's selling books, magazines and souvenirs on the 2nd floor of the terminal. So very little going on there.

However, it's top-class for duty free items if you want to pick up Christmas gifts. Very generous offers for liqueurs, cigarettes, cosmetics, chocolates, candy and scents. Frankfurt stands superior to other airports when it comes to duty-free stores. The displays are everywhere. And nice Christmas decor too.

I'm sorry my post sounds so boring for the moment. I'll write on more exciting things later.

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