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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Today, I'm too lazy to move...to go out...to stretch myself...to do anything. It is a bit of a shake-up; I have to step out of this lull to fly again shortly. However much I avoid travel, it seems to be firmly entrenched in my destiny and spirit...opportunities will present themselves unexpectedly...I cannot avoid the door that suddenly opens in my favour, like a gust in the wind.
I haven't been able to read or write because I'm thinking about where I'm going and what to take and things like that...
Then I will tell you after I've been..after this weekend, you will know where I am. :-)
I am in my element in airports...have always felt very at home in them. And I do feel that the destination I'm heading to is round the corner, even if it isn't.
It's a matter of infinite patience with luggage and screening machines, queues, coffees and a handy paperback. So you know I'll be at an airport bookshop followed by a cafe. Yes, I do know a thing or two about airport cafes from travels in the past and can recommend a good few. :-)
In the plane, I'll be caught up with the telly from pure habit.
Can't ever sleep. Will wait for the hotel at my next destination.
But I will drop notes on this blog except maybe on the day that I fly.
I'll be leaving Dublin for a fortnight.

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