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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Today, is the first time I'm looking at any kind of publishing market in over a year. And also that of theatres. It is a new time for me. The last time when I was ever as diligently involved in creative writing, had to be in my early 20s. Then I became flooded by so many experiences, not all of them good and some, truly overwhelming. But now and here once more, a new day.
I have to pretend I have never written...formulate once more that schoolgirlish lark, that the world is open to any kind of unexpected opportunity. I musn't measure my enthusiasm but keep going.
I'm ready now when I wasn't ready before, although a few opened doors had lain whispering hope, in my orbit of darkness. But now, it's time for me the sleepyhead to wake up, roused by a newborn sun.

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