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Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Sorry I just don't have time to fill in a post for today but will tomorrow. I haven't been doing much. Just reading. I've finished all the books I've talked about and am now reading this very old english classic, a story called Cranford, published by Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell, who was first discovered by and stayed a very good friend of Charles Dickens. She writes in a kindly maternal fashion about a group of do-gooder spinsters, embroiled in the class system of what's proper and what's not in old Great Britain. I feel comforted just reading her.
It makes me think of marshmellows and hot cocoa and putting my feet up on a comfy sofa.
Briefly, I'm enjoying my life and am thinking about shopping and flights. It is so close to Christmas time and I'm cheered by all the Santas I keep bumping into, in Dublin.
I will write properly tomorrow.

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