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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I actually did meet James Kelly by a remarkable co-incidence at Temple Bar yesterday and wanted to talk about it today, except that there's no time. So tomorrow maybe. I may be closing the comments box permanently. I won't be publishing any more fiction or poetry as I did in the old days, and would prefer to submit these peices for publication instead of displaying them on a blog.
I suppose I just want this to be a diary, maybe too a literary diary regarding my impressions on books and writing - because I've been so bad at keeping diaries & notes and later regretted this terribly - and my life is really looking good these days and it will be nice to look back in a year or two to see how I re-started my journey as a reader, writer and traveller after having left these pursuits for so long.
So my blog will be I suppose, interesting only to me.
Today, is a day when I felt vibrant, alive, full of vitality. I sang to myself all morning. Can't remember when I last did that. Then I finaly bought my Christmas cards, settled myself in a cafe, wrote them out and dropped them all in the post. I met a friend at a bookshop, we went to have coffee at the Writer's Museum and now I'm going to go back window-shopping. It's Christmastime. I need lipsticks, a perfume, creams, notecards, a journal with which to continue my play...I never knew when I last felt so restful and contented.
And I'll be travelling again...taking an international flight although I'll soon be back in Dublin.

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