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Thursday, 22 November 2007

I'm so excited which is why it's hard to even write a blog post properly although, it's excellent discipline for writing...especially when I am still slow in returning to the craft.
I'm excited that everything is going well...I feel shrouded by my own blessings, just walking down the street. Everything around me is so peaceful. For many months, this just wasn't the case.
I think reading just holds it all together for me. It keeps me restful and focussed. Also, being with good friends...real friends...and feeling loved. And I'm enjoying your company too, my blogger acquaintances, whenever you think of coming by, JCR, GB, Ty, Rob etc.
It's properly winter now and very cold. Zero temperatures tonight and colder tomorrow. I lost my leather gloves in the shops somewhere yesterday. From Australia and England to over here, people do run up from time to time waving my shawl, a glove or even coppers. I stay clumsy to a habit that's not stopped.
The trick is to fish out a second pair of black gloves and guard it very carefully.
I popped over to Eason Bookstore on O'Connell Street. My place for Man Booker Prize Winner - Anne Enright's reading next week has already been confirmed but tickets still haven't arrived.
I bought Christmas cards and wrote it all out at what one would call a tiny intimate cafe. Rob, if you're reading this, I ask that you check it out...a quaint Christian bookshop on Abbey Street facing the tram tracks.
Go straight downstairs to the little cafe called The Haven that opens at 10am and closes at 4. Wonderful coffees, teas and sandwiches. But the decor is so inviting with brightly coloured children's picture books scattered about the walls and watchful too, over the pretty seating. It's not ever crowded and is a wonderful place for cuppas and long private conversations. Plus, as always, excellent customer service. Ooh...I really love inspecting coffee haunts.
I'm the kind of writer and reader who thrives on cafe life and in Dublin, I look forward to one, everyday.
Later, I dropped everything off at the post office, crossed over to the travel agency and booked a flight for next week. Got it easily for the date and destination of my choice with no problems plus very helpful travel agent. I'll be back in Europe before Christmas.
I can't push myself to write; otherwise I become really unhappy with my stories and words. But I feel peaceful enough...or rather at a level now when I can concentrate diligently on a major piece of writing so that's my next goal. Life is good.

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