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Sunday, 11 November 2007

Meeting Frank McCourt in Dublin

This Sunday morning, I met Frank McCourt, author of the famed memoir, Angela's Ashes, who told me that he "didn't want to travel anymore."
When he heard that I had come from Malaysia enroute London, he enthused that he had been down the Singapore trail about 2 years ago but can't see himself going back that way again." "I don't want to travel anymore," he replied, shaking his head. "I've had enough. You know, I just want to go home. Just want to be home."
Naturally, I considered myself lucky to have met Mr. McCourt on homeground. His smiles are rare but evident once comfortable with conversation and on answerng questions. He was in town to meet with fans. Think family crowds - with a diverse range of personalities - and various photographers at Eason's. He arrived late and also looked old and sadly, frail. But what a joy to have met him!
I must say thank-you to the Eason's staff in O'Connell Street, who are excellent in helping us feel at home, while we wait for an author. They're always polite, obliging and friendly. Angela and the Baby Jesus tells the story of McCourt's mother's unexpected adventures as a very little girl in a vain attempt to protect the baby Jesus doll from danger. She snatches it away discreetly when no-one's looking for protection. Perfect for a Christmas gift.


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