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Monday, 29 October 2007


I am re-inventing myself as a writer in Dublin with a new opportunity afforded me. In London I had re-discovered reading. I now brought with me a small pile of magazines and books with which to savour in Dublin and indeed as if that wasn't enough; was still tempted to pick up two more in Heathrow.
The gates to the domestic Ireland flights in Terminal 1 are decoratively laid out - and I never thought I would use this word in an airport - homey. There isn't any more of a noisy bustling crowd. Cafes - Costa Coffee is tops here - tiny little bookshops and duty-free ones create a cheery atmosphere at every turn of the eye.
I am renewing my work in freelance journalism after a long silence and also to hone some new creative writing aspirations. I have friends to read my work for me, to tell me what they think and to help me plan a kinder and easier route to the writing life.
The situation is very different from when I was in Malaysia - here I feel spiritually connected to my environment and inner self. There really should be no more excuses, and especially not on a Monday morning when I have woken up feeling utterly peaceful and contented.
It is a bank holiday in Ireland.

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