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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I finished reading the late Frank O'Connor's selection of gripping irish folktales; 335- pages in all, in just a day. (see below).
I'm shocked at myself.
While other things go on - yes, they do :-) - entering into another blissful period of books at this time of my life, leaves my spirit restful, refreshed, contented.
Because of certain circumstances in the past, I wasn't able to read anything at all, for a long while.
But it's back to a touch of hedonism.
Up to now, I've been fortunate with every book purchase.
I've not felt inclined to curse a story as disappointed readers often do or fling a book away.
My best guide is intuition, the careful study of an outlined plot, and an author's vocabulary. And sometimes, even the spontaneity of a devil-may-care mood.
I ignore advertising blurbs that go over-the-top, use superfluous words or praise an author lavishly. That's hype.
I'm interested in new books but won't worry about a bestseller list.
You must tell me where you read, sometime.
I read on trains, in trams and in a favourite armchair where I currently live.
I also like reading in cafes or on park benches with a coffee when the weather is warm. It creates a really congenial mood.

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