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Saturday, 27 October 2007


I woke up this Saturday morning to the sounds of Milkshake, a daily series of sunny cartoons on Channel 5. I forgot how much I once enjoyed them. Perhaps it is this new interest in wanting to write a picture book that did the trick.
So, I watched these cartoons once more... old friends rediscovered where they would have been treated to tea had they stepped out of the telly to share a cuppa with me.
My favourites are Noddy in Toyland, Fifi the Sunflower, Oswald and Franklin the Tortoise. I never tire of these merry chums with their mischevious antics.
Franklin is a bright green little fellow and his stories offer picturesques scenes of flowery meadows and a pretty thatched cottage where he lives with his daddy and mummy The grown-up tortoises measure heavier on the sides, are wiser and display perfect showmanship with etched smiles on their faces. I love the happy moments.
I see Noddy spinning around Toyland in his little car, Fifi the sunflower florist sighing over her strange, colourful friends and especially too, Franklin's relationship with his best friend, Bear who is often gratefully on hand to rescue him from scrapes. They share memorable moments with an exciting schoolife and various philosophies that I had engaged in when little.
The Franklin cartoons appear conspiratorial in their efforts to teach goodness. But they are never smug or self-righteous.
Today is a day of last-minute errands and I shall have to run around London.

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