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Saturday, 20 October 2007


Yesterday, I engaged in a blissful stroll along the West End where once before I had been to see many films and I also spent a great deal of time on Charing Cross Road which is London's bookshop haven.
Nothing appeared to have changed and for me, that was a small miracle.
I wondered if I had really left. But I had and for a time that turned out to be longer than necessary.
I have to write many letters - inform people where I am. Hardly anyone knows that I have returned to Europe.
But there is so much to do and explore at the moment, I can only manage one personal email & a postcard at a time and can only visit 3 to 4 bloggers each day.
I comment now for just a few but this will increase as my time lengthens.
It is hard to read the long fiction my online friends write, but I will attempt this too with ease, in the coming days.
At the moment, I am happy.

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