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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Persian News: Iran competes for the Most Beautiful Book in the World award

December 6, 2008

by Suzan Abrams

Iran has selected 43 titles to compete at the Leipzig Book Fair, Germany, in March 2009. Topped as the second largest book fair after Frankfurt, Leipzig is a traditional springtime event that is said to offer the book-lover a special experience.

And the competition?

None other than The Most Beautiful Book in the World award. Iran pioneered its participation last year. Publishers include Dastan, Shabaviz, Gaj, Goya, Yassavoli and Negar. The Fair attracts exhibitors from various categories. These include academic literature, audio books, visual ones, calendars, children's books, comic books, cartoons, fiction and non-fiction.

This year alone, the Leipzig Book Fair attracted over 2,300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries.

Good-luck Iran! With a flurry of extraordinary book activities on your nation's path of late, you demonstrate a superb example of a republic's inate pride and pleasure in its enduring love for a treasured literary trove bearing that of rich classical texts and cleverly-composed stories in this modern age.

Credit: Information sourced from MehrNews.com.

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