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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Today was a slightly mad day for me. I was quite upset because everything's coming up roses for me these days that just one thing out of the rhythm, creates a sting. My computer wire went bust and it's a good thing that Des saw it in good time or I might have got myself a pretty good electric shock as I hadn't even noticed the fraying wires that sparked off a noisy hiss. I am quite reckless with the handling of electrical appliances and am trying to be more careful. Naturally, I was agitated and upset. I'm pretty lost without my laptop. A silly little thing always drives the neurosis up the wall, whereas in a major crisis, I am often calm and collected, seem to think my way clearly out of a maze and know exactly what to do. So today, I went downtown to Maplin Electronics on Jervis Street where I found the exact substitute for 8.99 euro. It's a fabulous electronics shop by the way. You can find all sorts for a bargain and be sure of a friendly service. All afternoon the sun shone, the rain fell and every hour or so, it snowed. Balmy weather to be sure!

My living room is pretty full of books at the moment, and I've built an untidy library of sorts. I go out almost every day and I'll always return with a book of some kind. A dusty fossil of a paperback or at stone-heavy hardback title. I need to buy the new authorized biography of V.S. Naipaul which I still haven't done. The Observer has run an enticing feature on the Nobel Literature prize winner this weekend. I have stacks now in scattered piles everywhere and just watching the scene in the golden nightlight or browsing through my own motley collection while the background soaks up a piano tune or two, makes me feel strangely safe. Books are my sanctuary for the moment while I make plans to travel again for a month or so; silent companions, very good company when one seeks a solace or an atmospheric mood. I will choose a book to read depending on how I feel.
At the moment, it's Samuel Beckett. I'll write more about it later. I still haven't had the time to open my new literary/books blog but I will. I will.
I'm thinking of another East African safari this May or June. It's been a while and just recapturing the memories feels like a tonic about to do me a world of good.

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