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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Digital news from Penguin Books

You may have to wait 3 to 4 minutes for this interesting Penguin video, courtesy of Reuters, to appear on my blog right below my words; but it's worth the time.

A fortnight ago, Penguin Books launched an interactive web-first literature called We Tell Stories under its category Digital Fiction in an effort to take readers through its new technologies.

The 6-week digital writing project sees six bestselling authors who include Toby Litt, Nicci French and Mohsin Hamid having earlier worked with game designers; create six different stories for an online audience for six weeks.

Readers are invited to hunt for clues from these stories - that simply cannot be told on paper - for a seventh story that lies somewhere along the internet. The lengthy period is to ensure that readers keep coming back. The featured website also offers a separate competition for UK residents over 16 years old, where the winner stands a chance to win a Penguin library listing titles that run up to more than 1300 Penguin Classics.

The video also reveals a good few of Penguin's other plans for digital fiction. Readers can expect to read extracts from popular authors as tasters first of all on the web, just as if you were flicking and browsing your book buys in a shop.

Here is the video below:

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