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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Winter Snap

The sun came out today. And there were no signs yet of April showers. But just before and sometime in the late afternoon, it had snowed in my makeshift garden. The rush of snowflakes in a winter snap had caught me by surprise while I basked in the warmth and even my hyacinths may have been more than a little piqued. I stood in a small crowd of petals while snowflakes fell on my hair and stuck to the woolly strands of my sweater. Of course, I had on no coat. I was pleased. I wanted to smile and celebrate the party of a makebelieve Mad Hatter whipping up a chaotic fury. But then the sunshine arrived and the snow vanished again like a sad fading ghost. I felt that something precious and faraway had been snatched away; something from the past...the gold of old...and now once more, something lost.

But still, I've heard it whispered in the song of the North Sea wind, that on catching the moon, the snow will once more carpet my garden at nightfall.

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