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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Penguin India launches 2000 titles in the UK

Benedicte Page writes in the latest edition of the Bookseller that Penguin India will launch its 2000 strong backlist in the UK and Europe, via Gardners, one of Britain's largest distributors. Its ambition is to target the UK's Indian population as well as readers who enjoy an interest in India. This in a matter of the next few weeks.
The launch titles are mostly English and will include Arundhati Roy's non-fiction title, 13th December that spoke about the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament. There are all sorts too which include fiction, children's and non-fiction stemming from categories like biography, religion, travel and the must-have cookbook.
Meru Gokhale, the London manager for Penguin Books India has said that since people were ordering these titles online from all over Europe, they would now be able to save on extra costs like shipping as the books became easily accessible.
It's certainly exciting news for me as I look forward to reading more contemporary Indian voices.

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