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Saturday, 8 December 2007

In this article on my Wordpress site,
Su-Chen Christine Lim, Singapore's bestselling novelist, offers a few more tips for aspiring authors, in her thoughts on writing. (Information from the Singapore Writer's Festival 2007).

I am the hippie artist and eccentric. I remember a time when I collected handbags for a hobby and now, I don't carry one unless I'm forced to. Most of the time, I'm in jeans. The Singapore Writer's Festival closes today. This morning, I stopped in my tracks and wondered what I was doing, strolling along Orchard Road when I felt I should now be somewhere else. The festival was after all a glorious interlude. I was surprised that the momentum for Singapore has wound down extraordinarily quickly for me. And now I must move on and do other things.
Yet, this is one of the more progressive journeys I've been on.
It's quite funny because I tend to think that most people live 'ordinary lives' like mine but it isn't really, is it. It is the life of the bohemian traveller...haphazard and erratic, for better or for worse.
I went to just one event today and decided to call it a day. I didn't even see anyone I knew. I think most of us had already enjoyed it to a hilt by now.
It's been raining heavily today - a vibrant thunderstorm in the tropics if you like. I haven't been reading because my mind was so taken up with all the information I was soaking in, on the workings of the world publishing industry. I was surprised to see how many call cards I had collected.
Everyone I met in Singapore at the festival, has a call card, even aspiring authors.
I'm going to go back to my reading now. I want to read a book at a sidewalk cafe in Singapore on a rainy day like today.

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