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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Singapore Writers' Festival - Symposium

A full day of talks at the symposium and I'm ready to collapse from sheer excitement or exhaustion...I can't decide which. Each panel discussion - and todays' dealt with book cover designs , effective marketing for books & writers, independent publishers and also the literary art of translations - lasted for a minimum of an hour and a half each. We were given goody bags with attractive notebooks and a folder complete with detailed printed information on the talks and profiles of the speakers who were established authors and publishers.
I listened with rapt attention and just being present, inspired me as a writer in a way I cannot begin to describe as information, exchanged back and forth, floated vigorously and enthusiastically across the Blue Room in the Arts House on Old Parliament Lane.
How well...the festival looks after us writers; the aspiring and the established and those too, in the publishing and creative fraternity. The meals were delicious and it was a friendly set that made up for the crowd; I came away with potential interview subjects and several ideas for articles to send on to magazines.
Tomorrow is the 2nd day of the symposium and this closing weekend too is filled with events.
I'd be able to get everything down on paper only next week.
I'm opening a literary blog on Wordpress to handle these experiences, concentrate on other literary endeavours, do in-depth book reviews and interviews and present my own fiction and poetry once again. I'll let you know on this blog everytime I post something new.
I think this blog is best kept for lighter information and to feature my journey as a reader and writer. I do so feel the need to open a literary blog. I will keep you informed.
It's an exciting time in this day and age to be a writer especially if like me, you love the challenge of some good competition. It really is.
Can you feel it? Can you feel the throbbing of my pulse? Oh...heaven! :-)


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