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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

2-day symposium

I'll be attending a 2-day symposium for writers at the Singapore Writers' Festival from tomorrow (Dec 6). I'm a fine one for doing things at the last minute and bought my passes only yesterday. A day-pass costs SGD$200/- (93 euros) and a 2-day one costs SGD$300/- (140 euros) excluding the GST tax. This includes lunches and teas. I was given a discount. :-)
The earlier talks were free.
The symposium consists of panel discussions by publishers and authors from different countries and will provide a vast technical run-down of the world publishing industry in general and what it expects from authors today.
It's a terrific festival, this.
The 2day programme deals with:
  1. intellectual property for writers,
  2. the importance of an important book design,
  3. the effective marketing of writers and books,
  4. online publishing,
  5. the art of literary translations,
  6. the role of the independent publisher,
  7. literary festivals,
  8. the vital role of literary agents for writers and also one on
  9. how to get started writing again with reference to unfinished manuscripts.
The festival is currently made up of ticketed night-time performances, workshops, book launches, poetry events and culinary fests.
I'll try to share with you as much as I can about what I learn at the symposium.

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