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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The Lighter Side of Life

It rained in Singapore this morning. A heavy drizzle or perhaps a light shower that threatened a future thunderstorm depending on a nimbus cloud's grumpy mood.
Didn't the cool winds warn us last night?
I woke up late, caught up with the television news and left my hotel room to grab some breakfast. I felt pretty jolly.

Suddenly, it rained along Orchard Road. The drizzle got heavier. Across the road from Takashimaya, I dashed into the nearest shopping plaza (next door to Tang) to avoid getting drenched. Only one fashion store sold umbrellas on the outside displays. They were long, hardy ones in black, each priced at SGD$12/-. A few people grabbed them desperately.

The rest of us watched anxiously in 2 minds. We wondered if the rain would stop.

The shop observed us with careful interest. Someone came to stick a big tag on the umbrellas. It now said, 'Rainy Day Special SG$6/- ONLY! Half-price! Grab the chance!" A bespectacled youth, who looked a geek, playacted the perfect salesman. "Rainy day special," he shouted. "It's now or never. Half-prize till the rain stops." "Why only one colour ah," demanded an old Chinese lady.

Before you knew it, umbrellas in several different colours decked the displays." I picked a camel shade. "Quick, quick, grab your umbrella," shouted the geek. "Take no chances. It's now or never. Now or never..." He started to do a Presley hip wriggle. "No rain, no discount! Now or never!" Everyone grabbed the umbrellas. There was a long queue at the counter. By the time, we collected our receipts, the rain had stopped.

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