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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Exhaustion has finally caught up with me but kindly. I've been on a whirl of activity since I took that flight to Frankfurt from Dublin several days ago. I think I even by-passed jetlag in my excitement. Oh...what fun! How my destiny has changed from the last few years and I've been enjoying myself so much. There's nothing like a culmination of passions, strung together to steadily follow the heart...as life is showing me now, and in my case, mostly through the literary.
By the way, it wasn't always like this. I had many hardships, a couple too severe to deal with and many times, thought I wouldn't make it. But I prayed and fought my way through, to preserve my visions and dreams. I had to do this for some years but finally triumphed in a major way.
I reached my favourite hotel at about 8.30pm.
The staff know me well so I felt I had come home to friends. I had landed much earlier but met with Gorilla Bananas, that kindly ape from the Congo, you may sometimes see in the comments box. Everything went smoothly at Heathrow and for once, my bag on the conveyor belt, was one of the first ones out. GB and I caught up with coffee and a chat and he/she was also kind enough to help me with my luggage as we wheeled it out to the bus-stop together and waited for a shuttle bus that I had become so familiar with.
I felt slightly light-headed at reception and remembered that I had drunk 4 glasses of wine on the plane. Wine always keeps me relaxed because I can't sleep on planes and neither did I sleep on my last night in Singapore - I left for Changi, in the early hours of Tuesday.
So now, I was ready to fall.
I tried to watch some telly, managed to eat some crisps but halfway through a Gordon Ramsay show, fell instantly asleep. I woke up at 5.00 am, went down to use the internet, had an early English breakfast at 6.30am, went back up to my room, collapsed on the bed and fell asleep again. I woke at 1 in the afternoon.
I'm in the city now, still feeling drowzy, but enjoying myself, just soaking in a few of my favourite haunts. I'm reading SuChen Christine Lim's The Lies That Build A Marriage, a novel I had picked up in Singapore.
I was reading it in the tube and later at a cafe, where even the service staff are old acquaintances. I had my wonderful hot chocolate but my favourite roast chicken bake puff had been sold out. By the way, I'm convinced that no one in any of the places I went to, can make hot chocolate as perfectly as the Brits or the Irish (which is always richer).
I'm thinking about my writing now. I must find out how to go about staging a play in London because I'm about to finish mine and may send it out to theatres or otherwise, try to produce it myself. I may do this somewhere in England or Ireland. I feel equally at home in both countries.

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