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Sunday 20 January 2008

I feel a bit disorientated today for personal reasons. Everything is alright now - just a little upset to the day - and I am trying to slip back into my peaceful abode without too much trouble. I'm getting there.
Meanwhile, I am reading an entire e-book for a lovely American friend as I promised her the feedback she wanted. So far, I am enjoying my cautious foray - after a very long break - back into fantasy fiction. Through her colourful plot with its breathtaking twists and turns, she has simplified this quest for me. :-)
Presently, I am a little backdated with doing a few book reviews for this blog but those are soon coming. I am also trying to catch up with my backlog of emails and am answering each one as diligently and quickly as I can.
I also have letters to write.
I have stalled in these last couple of days on reading my favourite books and writing a creative piece of work, but no doubt, this is only a temporary measure.
I am slowly building up a library of good literature and my favourite music, which like my choice of reads, is vast.
Two days ago, I picked up 3 cd deluxe cases with 36 tracks on each one, featuring Italian arias, songs and the mandolin, another of a young Maria Callas singing her timeless opera and yet another of Spanish ballads and gregorian chants, the kinds that would have been heard somewhat prayerfully, in Medieval times. The cases also carried superb booklets with explanatory texts and rare photographs of the singers or operas.
Clearly, they were packaged as collectors' items.
And they were a right steal too. I bought my cds at Tower Records on O'Connell Street. You could choose a case for either 3.99 euros each or select 3 cases for a total of 10 euros. That would be roundabout 50 Malaysian ringgit.
Miraculously, there wasn't a single fault and the sounds plus intonation of the tracks are perfect so far.
I also have a growing collection of piano and jazz.
And the fireplace where I live, still works. Yes, I have my own pretty fireplace and hearth. An Irish neighbour told me this. He said I could light a fire every evening if I wanted to. When a gale shows up, a little old soot sometimes falls out with great spirit, from the chimney. But I am thrilled indeed.