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Friday, 11 January 2008

Single-Paragraph Novel to be Published & Confirmation date for a new Rushdie hardback

Latest News: Faber (UK) today acquired a second novel by 21-year old Richard Milward titled 10-Storey Love Song, to be published in March 2009. The extraordinary flavour lies in the one unbroken paragraph that celebrates the novel in its completeness. The plot revolves around the adventures of Bobby the Artist in the London art world. Milward's first novel, Apple was published when he was just 19 and received rave reviews from Britain's top newspapers.

Photography Credit: The London Paper

Just confirmed today: June 3 finally marks the release of famed novelist, Salman Rushdie's new hardback novel called The Enchantress of Florence. Described as a dramatic departure from the usual fare, the 352-page historical novel based on seven years of research, is set in Renaissance Florence and the court of the Mughal empire. Says Will Murphy, Rushdie's editor at Random House, readers will tune in to a crossing between fantasy and reality. Expect an exotic concoction of political intrigue cleverly interwined with high drama, romance and magic.

In March, Random will release repackaged trade paper editions of three Rushdie books: Shame, The Satanic Verses and The Jaguar Smile

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