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Thursday, 17 January 2008

I talked to a friend in Australia last night and it dawned on us both about how much I had accomplished once before. The radio plays and short stories also for radio, dramatics, the poetry overseas - at the time I was still in Malaysia - and heavy magazine-journalism work. To say nothing of the travelling years. And I also remembered with glee - I must admit - that I had once won a national song-writing competition. She was delighted and admonished me that when we had first met in Melbourne, I had only ventured, having sketched up a few children's stories before brushing everything off.

And it was now after 7 years, that she finally knew what I had actually done. Except for the occasional post like this one, the most I'd ever tell anyone is that I was a writer and traveller.

Even with the travels, I've learnt to shut-up. :-)

It's amazing how when you say to someone (applicable to many but not all) that you've travelled, you're immediately entertained to a lost list of the listener's own global adventures, drumming in your ear although it may have been a vague tour or university holiday from decades past and the world does change very quickly. Strightaway, that person wants to be seen as someone better than you. There is a tendency on your part in comparison, to feel totally at a loss. Especially if you had only mentioned say, Colombo in passing.

I've noticed this pattern time and time again so nowadays, I just say the two-word phrase 'I've travelled' and only when absolutely necessary like having to explain my lifestyle. Mostly, I'm too lazy to go into details.

After the conversation, I experienced a glorious sense of self-worth. Now here I am in Dublin, on a new phase of my life. When will I reach the sunset? Already, I have found so many rainbows. Is there yet another for me? I could leave the world at this moment and be properly contented. :-)

Now, I want to read a book like every book is my first. I want to visit a new land like every new land is my first. I want to write a story like every story is my first. Never resting on one's laurels, no matter how pleasing the time. But just striving on for a greater sense of elation and daring it to re-appear stronger and more powerfully than the one before.

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