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Monday, 14 January 2008

Today, an envelope came for me in the post and I had forgotten that I had made enquiries about publishing something on my own. I need to do it if only as a by-the-way thing. Perhaps I need it as a sound reminder that I'm still a writer after 6 years of not having written anything creatively. Perhaps I harbour an unnecessary inate guilt. I was writing poems for schoolfriends in the classroom since I was a little girl. And then there were the many aired radio plays, my printed poetry and my full-time career as a fashion journalist. So I couldn't not have been a writer.
My manuscripts will still go out to all the usual places but I feel that this is something I need to do for me just now...a confidence booster. Or a vitamin shot in my renewed writing life.
A part of me feels excited...another part is filled with fear. I still have old manuscripts on hand if I want to publish something straightaway. I'm still thinking about it but I'll have to make up my mind shortly. If in the event, I do have a book out on this route, I don't think I'd be laidback. I'm just not the sort. Two things that are really important for me are a wide awareness and distribution. I just need to figure a smooth plan there.

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