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Tuesday, 20 January 2009


January 20 2009
by Suzan Abrams
Oh my God!
What a week!
I'm flying again in the next couple of days and I'll soon be able to tell you where I'm at. It will be my sojourn...beach, my notebook and the sole task of rejuvenating my writing. This is the year for me as I've found my style and form as a writer and know the way I want to go and the work I want to produce. Besides, lazines, I have managed to experiment a fair bit and am ready to call time out on my interlude these last years after a long while, working as a magazine journalist.
I haven't yet revealed my present destination but will let you know this weekend where I was.
Still having bad jet lag.
Drowsy at odd times! Nauseous at odd times! These parts to my lifestyle are pretty painful. You don't know when the body gives way.
I've crossed about 3 climatic regions I think non-stop since December 14. I've already taken on more than 12 flights in just that time alone. It's not the to-ing and fro-ing as such but just the fact that I've been in a freezing West European climate straight up for over a year now. There was a month's break for East Africa last June but that's all. We didn't have a summer in Dublin last year and Belfast when I visited friends in July and how windy and cold it was already then - told me that their city had turned autumnish in May.
"At the start of spring, we lost the summer," my good acquaintance Paul had said, sadly.