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Saturday, 10 January 2009


January 10, 2009

by Suzan Abrams

I find it very hard to keep a blog at this time as there is so much going on in my mind. I have such an enthusiastic love for life, fancy many artistic ventures that I could never be streamlined about anything.

I'll be travelling again and will have to pack this weekend. I always feel terribly sad on having to leave Dublin...it has become my proper enchanted place under the sun. Today and yesterday was a kinder moment snatched out of the cold snap, although the rains are on their way. It's terribly windy and I remember a similar climate feel when I was little in Klang, Malaysia and our father used to take us to the coast which lay in a nearby seaside town called Morib. I also remember the delight of playing hopscotch outside the verandah, in the wind, with friends. Our weather was much cooler than...there really was no such thing as overbearing heat for much of the day or night, in the suburbs.

The atmospheric mood makes the city glorious for long walks. The air feels doubly fresh. There is an abundance of fascinating literature to suit any moment. We get all the best of the Irish, British and American media. Yesterday, I enjoyed my little nostalgic visit of favourite bookshops and cafes. I finally filled a form for, and collected my Waterstones card. Oh, but I am rambling. I always feel that I'm tip-toeing on the closing pages of a fairy-tale picture book when I leave Ireland, although I'll soon be back.

As an aside, I tried to postpone the publication of my ghost stories for a later part of the year. My contract needs to be filled out by September at the latest. However, my publisher prefers to have the book out early in the year. I wanted to add in a little more material and I am given time to do this but before January ends.

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