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Friday, 23 January 2009

I'm Off to Africa!

January 24, 2009
by Suzan Abrams
I'm off to East Africa!
I am always so relaxed in Africa - Tanzania - and will be able to fill up this blog with a lot more reflections on books and writers and also my own writing experiences. I've got my new Notebook now and know all the places, I could use a wireless and if not, there's my hotel and failing which, the girls at the downtown internet cafe are great fun.
I remember one even cried when I left last June and I wondered if that said I had spent an excessive amount of time on the Net or else...well, it's nice to know that someone liked me.
Oh...I am so looking forward to my favourite haunts and only where the Tanzanians go...on the Kigamboni and the Bandari...local eating places and both of which face the sea and a horde of colourful fishing boats. And there's always the bookshop/cafe by the sea where expatriates go to spend their time, on the Massani Slipway. Here yachts abound!
I can't just can't wait to see my old friends and give them big hugs.
And of course, you know, the Masai are everywhere!
The only thorn in my flesh is that I am missing my Des so very much.

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