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Thursday, 11 September 2008


I'm struggling once more with blogging well just for these few days as I'm having to catch up with excruciating deadlines for a project which hopefully, I will soon be able to tell you about. It also marks my return to professional writing although not quite in the vein of fashion journalism which I soaked up like a flower in the sun, for years. Those times felt like a rollercoaster that would never end. Now, I'm on a rollercoaster of a different kind. :-)

As I walked to the shops just now in the cool still air, there was the smell of leaves - dried, crusty and battered autumn leaves, resting on pavements and gravel after having been showered quite kindly by the rain. It proved a strange if not interesting scent. I was reminded of running through wet grass when I was little. The air and night sky seemed perfumed with unexpected joys. Lightness, beauty and vibrance haloed my stroll and threw peace to my thoughts on life. Trust a playful imagination. And I ask you, isn't life beautiful even when it's caught unawares and chooses not to be... The autumn is here. It has come at last.

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