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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

by Suzan Abrams

This year, I'm looking forward to Christmas with a far more good-hearted cheer than I'd have done before. The days have turned colder and darker. Already, I'm thinking of a warm firelight atmosphere and a fitting celebration.
I think with me, the holiday season just 4 short months away, sums up in a nutshell the effect of events mapped out this year. I've had myself a wonderful time and am as pleased as punch.
Everything has come together in an extraordinary way after a long personal drought.
I'm writing and reading again and especially with regards to the kind of ambitious literature I never thought I'd contemplate. It's opened my already colourful worlds to newer ones.
I thought I'd get swinging into the spirit of things by writing about some popular Christmas classics. I don't know how I'm going to manage to squeeze the likes of Dickens into all my other favourite titles but I hope to manage at least 2 favourite classics a month until the start of Yuletide.
I've always loved Christmas stories with the usual wistful air so why not the added sparkle of spangles and baubles.
I also hope to have some personal writing news for you in January 2009. Nothing major but it will mark a slight change in my life.

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