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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Catherine Millet Confesses to Jealous Streak

by Suzan Abrams

The liberal 60-year old French novelist Catherine Millet who stunned the world with her numerous tales of flings, orgies and sexual escapades in the 2001 bestseller, The Sexual Life of Catherine M, has confessed in her newly-released French memoir (just out) that she felt terribly jealous of her partner's infidelities and couldn't handle his weaknesses that subtly mirrored her exact personal inadequacies.

In "Jour de Souffrance" ("Day of Suffering") the literary editor says that she suffered terribly when photos and notebooks emerged of Jacques Henric's affairs. They had lived together as partners for 36 years but the secret discovery prompted a 3 year crisis meted out by Millet's shock as to the sudden and painful turn in the relationship. Her latest autobiography swings into a serious psychological discourse on Millet's own feelings of insecurity and jealousy that has prompted her celebrated return back to the limelight, in the French media.

The intellectual Millet who edits contemporary art reviews for a magazine, claims that she and Henric have finally weathered the stormy crisis and achieved a new milestone in happiness. Her first memoir sold a few million copies and was translated into 40 languages.

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Credit: Picture of Catherine Millet courtesy of Evene.

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