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Monday, 25 August 2008

Why Avon Books US launched a new website

Avon Books, an imprint of US publishers HarperCollins, has launched a sunny new website. The imprint focuses on romances which sell big-time in the states.

However, I wasn't so much interested in this aspect of things as I was in the valuable observation made by Liate Stehlik, senior v-p and publisher of Avon Books exclusively to Publishers' Weekly magazine.

Said Stehlik, "Online interactivity is the future of the romance genre—and romance readers are among the most tech-savvy of all consumers; we’ve created Avon’s new web presence specifically to enable readers to get a more integrated experience of author, book and community.” Stehlik had also added that books which are “sneak peaked” command more than 100 times the visits of books that don’t have online previews.

I thought that this would be important to every writer intent on online publicity, no matter the genre. - suzan abrams