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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

I don't have a legitimate blog post for today although I try to fill in one everyday. I'm still sorting my life out in different ways for the present time in Ireland. I haven't had much time for the Internet which doesn't include writing time on Microsoft Word. When I do come online, I try to qualify for the hours used in a fruitful way...with work or situations that benefit me for the future as the Web is technologically leaps and bounds ahead of its time.
At the moment, I am very much inspired by and drawn to the Arts - which include literary forums, the online classics, book reviews, literary articles and essays and videos featuring interviews with interesting authors. One of my favourites for the latter, stays the CBS morning show.
These subjects motivate me to write in strange quiet ways.
I'm also absorbing my reads quite fast and at the moment, am almost finished with Hanif Kureishi's The Body - a collection of short stories.
I also have a fervent passion for cuisine...the history and decorative art of food.
The fascinating thing about the Internet is that it offers worlds beyond worlds if only one finds the right staircases to climb.

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