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Monday, 4 February 2008

I have been busy settling into my flat these last few days. Just getting to know the roomy spaces that are mine for as long as I want. It is quite a feeling of liberation and I love the solitude. I have been buying some new things for it like interestingly-designed chairs, rugs, cushions and pictures for the walls. I would love to tackle the odd and ambitious jigsaw puzzle to hang up somewhere, like I did when I was little. I've also started to collect some potted plants and am thinking of keeping an aquarium or a pet. I have in mind, a little toy dog. The door next to me, opens out to the back garden and it could follow me on my long walks. Just for something extraordinary considering my life has been lived so differently up todate. I am building up a library of serious fiction in books and audio and also music but I have to buy more of my favourite collections, to say nothing of new titles. It's quite a luxurious feeling to be able to pick up a storybook or to decide what to read, from simply playing on a mood. I plan to collect the classics...and many different packages abound these days...all attractively laid out either in pocketbook format or chunky hardcover versions. It' s quite hard to know what to decide on. I have a generous writing space, complete with chair and table and a mobile bookshelf featuring reference material, publishing markets and literary journals, but prefer at this time to write curled up with my laptop, in one the cosy armchairs instead.

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