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Friday, 1 February 2008

I feel so blessed. The tide continues to move even while in a subdued sojourn. This morning, I was offered a tidy flat on the same street where I live, by the landlord from whom I currently rent my little place from. The flat is fully furnished, with a separate living room, a fully-equipped kitchenette that includes a row of stylish cabinets, a bathroom and bedroom each. It looks gorgeous to my eye - when you think that it's a total surprise - and in a very nice house. All that separates me from the front door is the landing. My flat is on the ground floor. In addition to everything else, there's also an extra microwave oven, built-in wardrobes, a washing machine and central heating. I can entertain friends now or have a dinner party. The tall windows guarantee lots of sunlight streaming in and I can place my potted plants and flowers in the little garden outside. Yesterday at this time, I didn't even know that such a place existed and would become vacant shortly. I'll be moving in tonight or tomorrow morning. The bus-stop is so close, I just have to walk out the gate. And now, I can build up a fabulous library for my books and music. I haven't yet decided where to christian my writing corner.

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