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Monday, 21 January 2008

Today, I have to organize my work. I have a lot on my plate. One sobering thing I've realised is that I have to detach myself away from people and past situations that still awkwardly revolve around me. That is, if I am going to write seriously for hours. Or rather, to be no longer emotionally bound to them...no matter how faint or vague that apprehension, as I used to be in the past.
In this thought alone, I am excited at the possibilities that await.
I find myself having to consciously look back and wipe out memories that were destructive to my well-being. There have been too many infiltrations and influences from peoples' voices and I am someone who is happier when staying detached, rather then being emotionally bound to groups and cliques who have the power to sometimes sway your own real thoughts and destiny to what may be considered acceptable to them.
I need to be very selfish to be able to climb back into my own writing world without effort and to make time for me now, for a change. But such a situation is already happening in my life, irregardless of whether I have chosen the path. It feels like the mind has willed itself to clear away every clutter in the attic. :-)
Every bad thing or stale memory is going or must go.
My life is definitely undergoing a major transformation through no choice of my own. 2008 has so far shocked me.

I wonder that my recent return to extraordinary books did not have this sudden impact on me... :-)

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