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Sunday, 20 May 2007

I couldn't come to the Internet for 2 days because I suddenly fell ill again. But that's over now. Just one of those things though for me this has been a horrible month but I'm thankful things were not any worse than they already are.

My posts have become unfocussed and I don't even know what I'm writing anymore. I feel I'm rambling at the moment.

I get tired easily but that's my own fault from a strong lack of nutrition these last 2 weeks...Fancy just eating one meal a day. :-) I'm trying to correct that now.

I've also noticed my right sidebar has sort of disappeared completely...it's swum underwater and I think maybe it's time to change the blog to dispel with all the bad energy in it. Or rather when I look at the posts, I'll remember how it was for me during this time and I'd rather not.

I may be leaving this backpacker place and going elsewhere in a day or two before I go abroad. I may go to Singapore. My friends keep visiting me and I wish I were on a remote island right now. I think it's settled that I am one eccentric lady...just not yet old. :-) I just want to publish my book and turn into an adventurous reclusive proper...

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